Bravo TV’s Alexandra Dilworth boutique launches

Join us in congratulating Bravo TV’s The New Atlanta’s castmate Alexandra Dilworth on the launch of her new online clothing boutique, Generation E. 

Generation E is a different generation of clothing. It’s unique, modern, and colorful! Definitely geared toward the hipsters and misfits who want to let their personalities be seen through their attire. There is something for everyone based upon three different generational categories:


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Generation Ecstasy

Generation Ecstasy was inspired by reckless nights and marvelous memories. These daring designs are perfect for any rave or EDM party scene. Using bright colors to accent these bold designs, we cater to those that strive to be the center of anyone’s attention.


Generation Epic

For the hipsters that are less theatrical, and would prefer to support the EDM movement through words and expressions, I have introduced Generation Epic as my graphic line. Clothing in this line consists of beautified pieces with epic mottos that express passion for the scene, while satisfying the need for individuality.

Generation Exclusive

The Generation Exclusive line showcases different designers and artists that offer exclusive, custom, and limited edition apparel. These amazing pieces are more than just clothing, they are unique works of art design to embody the true essence.


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Mahatma Gandhi said the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. It is this selflessness that defines model and break-out reality star, Alexandra Dilworth. In a day and age when most young people are chasing fortune and fame, Alexandra’s creativity and undeniable talent has placed her on a platform that will soon put her on the world’s stage. She is determined to make her mark.


September 2013 Alexandra made her debut on Bravo TV’s reality show, The New Atlanta. The show highlights the lives of several upwardly mobile male and female singles who are taking Atlanta by storm. But no amount of fame is going to keep Alexandra from pursuing her dreams of becoming a savvy businesswoman, missionary, trophy-wife and mother.

Nicknamed, ‘Gold’ for her bronze colored hair and radiant skin tone, Alexandra is well on her way to making her dreams come true. She recently launched an online boutique that introduces a generation to the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and the Hipster Lifestyle by offering trendy clothes and accessories, Generation E.


Alexandra’s devotion to others has resulted in several impactful missions trips to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. No matter where her schedule takes her, Alexandra always makes time for her Sunday School class. She makes sure that she is in Atlanta to instruct the group of rambunctious 4-year olds that attend her class each week.


Believing that education is important, Alexandra holds an Associate degree in Nursing and received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology this past Spring. Alexandra is the youngest of four children and currently lives in the Atlanta area.
















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