Miley Cyrus Goes Dark For Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Campaign


Miley Cyrus was announced back in January as the new face of the Marc Jacobs spring 2014 campaign. Now we finally have the pictures to prove it.

The 21-year-old singer went high fashion for Marc Jacobs‘ spring 2014 campaign, rocking sequin-embellished skirts, structured tops and glam gowns as she poses with a couple of other models on a desolate-looking beach. Cyrus gives a fierce stare off into space in most of the photos. She also rocks square-rimmed glasses in one shot, and a blue structured gown in another, laying lifelessly in the sand along the shore.

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Her tattoos are on full display in some of the shots. Her nails are painted black and her lips are generally in a pout in most of the ads.

"We wanted this beach with the girls kind of sulky and broody, and we thought it would be cool if it was Miley with what could be two friends, feeling distant and quite dark," Jacobs said. "We all just love her and her entire being, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural."

Based on the recent praise for the ads, it seems that Miley Cyrus has done a job well done being featured in these ads.


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