Steps to Success: Pastor Charles Jenkins is creating opportunities in Chicago ‏


Success is one of the toughest words to define, because different people view success in different ways. Those who are willing to open their hearts and their minds find success comes when they are able to reach someone, create opportunities for them and to see them prosper. This is one of the key principles that religion is based on. This is also exactly what Pastor Charles Jenkins; leader of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago is doing on a daily basis in Chicago.

Sound in business aptitude and committed to underserved communities, Pastor Charles Jenkins decided to share his vision with the Southside of Chicago. This part of the city is battling enormous amounts of gang violence and negative press.


Jenkins wants to create an outlet for the people living on the Southside of Chicago. By providing them the tools to enable change, he helps shape their lives and assist them in manifesting a more positive contribution for the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois.


Many people on the outside looking in may say the people on the Southside, are committing these heinous crimes “why don’t they get a job. They may be right but, that’s not a solution to the bigger problem. Too many people just love to criticize and do absolutely nothing to help. Thankfully Rev Jenkins is not one of them. You must fight to stay positive in the face of negativity.  That’s the only way to get things done.  ~ Charles Jenkins


With that determination, his non-profit organization Fellowship Educational and Economic Development Corporation (FEED) is spearheading a $26 million effort called The Legacy Project. Upon completion of the Legacy Project, over 400 jobs would have been created for the people in this area. One person can really make a difference; Pastor Charles Jenkins’ vision will help make a change to the entire landscape of the Southside of Chicago.


Defining success means different things to different people. But Pastor Jenkins believes he can uplift, inspire and assist those to succeed despite living in an area that is below the poverty line and has no immediate opportunities for betterment. We all can agree anyone able to motivate others to change their lives in a positive direction, while creating jobs for them at the same time is leading them on the road to success.

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