Nicki Minaj Releases Her New Perfume ‘Minajesty: Exotic Edition’ On HSN


Nicki Minaj is expanding her high selling perfume brand once again.

Two years after the release of her award-winning fragrance Prink Friday, she recently announced on the HSN network that she is releasing another fragrance to her collection. The newest addition is named Minajesty: Exotic Edition.

This new addition to her perfume brand is described to her as “fun, euphoric, and playful.”


“That’s the [fresh and fruity] vibe that I wanted for it because I am from an island,” said Nicki. “I’m from Trinidad, so my favorite fruit is mango, so mango is something that’s reminiscent of happy times for me so I wanted to put mango in this one.

The bottle’s design is inspired by the robotic character she portrayed in the music video for David Guetta’s “Turn Me On,” which she was featured on as an artists.

She made her debut on HSN last Thursday, and was invited back when her debut sales of 9,000 bottles were sold out. Overall, the fragrance sold nearly 25,000 bottles at the cost $59.50 each. Not only that, but her fans were given a special treat. Their order of Minajesty came along with a sample of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming perfume Onika.

This appears to be just the beginning for the rapper and her perfume brand.


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