4/20 Celebration: Terra Tech’s New Brand of Flowers Concentrates and Joints Called IVXX


IVXX offers the finest-grade cannabis, rigorously tested and certified to the highest standards, guaranteeing absolute quality, purity and consistency.


Within the company’s highly advanced and custom designed IVXX Extraction Labs, meticulous scientists produce the highest-quality and purest concentrates and extracts. They also formulate precise proprietary blends, all based on rigorous medical research and consumer feedback.


Each Terra Tech’s lab features dynamic and fully versatile Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction equipment, as well as precise Chromatographic applications, so they can carefully refine their products to their exact micro-specifications.

“Looking forward, we are extremely excited to be part of the discovery and application process of cannabis-based therapeutics. We expect that within the field and through thoughtful and effective partnerships, we will be able to help further elevate the ever-growing range of medical and scientific applications of the therapeutically active components of Cannabis.”

Anthony Fabrizio, IVXX Chief Science Officer

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