NAACP Operation Bike Week Returns to Myrtle Beach to Combat Discrimination


Team Will Respond to Discrimination Complaints During Black Bike Week

Local, state and national NAACP officials will again be monitoring for complaints of discrimination during Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over Memorial Day Weekend.

NAACP volunteers from the national, state and local branches will be in Myrtle Beach to respond as needed to incidents, document evidence and address disputes between local business owners or police and the bikers gathering through a telephone hotline and online complaint forms.

“Being black and riding a bike should not subject you to the treatment reserved for blacks riding in the back of the bus back in the day,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks.  “Separate but unequal treatment is a part of our history that must not be revisited. For decades, members of the South Carolina NAACP have confronted the appalling and unfortunately common discrimination, racism and intolerance in their home state.  Our national office will always stand shoulder to shoulder with them to bring to light the hateful prejudices that override basic civil rights.”

Participants can report discrimination by local businesses online at, and can file complaints about police treatment at or call a special hotline at (888) 362-8683 to report a complaint.

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