Citizen E-Cigars Present A Safe and Stylish Alternative To Tobacco Smoke

Citizen Electronic Cigarette founder Monica Ord approached the foundation of her company with the goals of providing a great, quality alternative to smoking tobacco. Her company and its electronic cigarette products has made smoking safer by removing the toxic chemicals that cause health risks and the odorous, toxic smoke that accompanies the rolled tobacco variety. Since the launch of her company, various celebrities including Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and others have embraced the Citizen Electronic Cigarette brand as an alternative to tobacco smoke.

CEO Monica Ord founded the company in 2014 after witnessing 10 years of grueling clinical trials as an SVP of a company developing treatments to fight end stage cancer. Knowing that current available treatments for smoking cessation work less than 8% of the time, there needed to be something that simulated the oral fixation and satisfied the addiction to the daily actions of smoking. Instead of vilifying smokers, Ord embraces them, asking, “What if you could enjoy the long luxurious drags without all the toxic chemicals?” She created Citizen e-Cig for them, as a harm reduction product, using only the purest vapor liquids sourced domestically, and the FDA individually approved food-grade ingredients found in Citizen’s vapor products.

The very real prospect of helping smokers quit while reducing harm was enough to prompt John Paul DeJoria, cofounder of Paul Mitchell and the Patrón Spirits Co., to step up as one of the first investors and Virgin Group magnate Sir Richard Branson to champion Ord’s venture as “ingenious and meaningful.”

As the only vapor product formulated by a cancer research biomedical executive, Citizen rechargeable e-Cigs and disposable e-Cigar give smokers the exact same experience of the real thing, except without the odorous, toxic smoke. Instead, these products simulate cigarettes and cigars by producing a flavored water vapor resembling smoke. The taste is what smokers expect, even winning four national taste-test competitions. And this can make all the difference in helping smokers who want to quit.

Citizen e-Cig has a solution for nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Smokers can step down their nicotine intake from 24 to 18 to 0 milligrams but never have to give up the pleasurable act if they chose. All ingredients and e-liquids manufactured in the US as food grade products individually approved by the FDA. CITIZEN e-CIGARS are not only smooth tasting, these vapor alternatives also look and feel just like traditional tobacco cigars. The disposable e-Cigars have 1000 puffs and are equivalent to eight to 10 traditional tobacco cigars, or equal to seven e-Cigs. eCigars are ready to go, right out of the package, require no assembly and no recharging.

All Citizen eCigars are available in nicotine levels of 24 MG and 0 MG, and six hand-crafted rich flavors: CUBAN, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, ICE GRAPE, MENTHOL AND PEACH. Individual e-Cigars priced at $29.95 5 Packs range from $116.78 — $121.28

THE CITIZEN RECHARGEABLE STARTER PACK looks and feels like a real cigarette and includes a rechargeable battery, two cartomizers (equivalent of four packs of traditional cigarettes) and a USB charger in a convenient side pocket. Each cartomizer is the equivalent of two packs of traditional cigarettes, lowering the cost of smoking to less than $2 a pack. The rechargeable e-cigs are available in REBEL RED, MENTHOL ICE AND GEORGIA PEACH flavors. The starter pack costs $19.95 Refill: A four-unit rechargeable cartomizer pack retails for $9.99. Citizen products are available at retail outlets and online at


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